Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wher im studyin n tip on how to pass certain subjets

Hi Every1
I'm studyin at HIHS some of u might Winder wat is HIHS
It is a sec sch name: Holy Innocents' High Sch
ok th sch life tere is quite gd th probs i face is peer, stess, and loads of sclodin....
Tere quite alot of exams and testes on th throug secdondary life....
Here r some tip to pass certain subjets:
Sc: Treat th tcher stupid(No offence)
MathS: Meromise th formula and keep on practin Remember pracite makes perfact
Chinese:IDK wat to do oh well jus keep readin
El: Same thing as Chinese
Lit: Read REAd n Read
Hist: Use Logic
Geo: Haven study....
D&T: Keep askin tcher
Home econ: Ask ur mom or dad or whoever noes how to cook
Music:Common Sense or known as Cow sense
And tat is it

THE END!!! THX FOR READIN!!!!!!!! ><|||

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