Friday, October 14, 2011


Ppl say that hell girl does not exist..but that's not totally true.
There's a hotline to hell is called the .
If ur hatred is alot..HellGirl AKA Enma Ai will give eu a straw doll with a red string tied to it. by pulling the red will go in cavern wif her and ur tourments will be send to hell. but be pulling the red thread eu will also go to Hell but only until ur body dies..
There will be a crest on ur chest to serve as a perment reminder that ur soul belong to Hell.
Eu will be there and suffer for will nv noe the joys of Heaven. Eu will be left to wander in a very vast place of sufferings and pain.
But the website(stated there)can be only access at exact 12 midnight.
So think carefully

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